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Translation of Diploma, Transcript, Grades

translation of diploma,transcript,grades

Professional translation of your degree to apply for employment, higher education. Specializing in Hebrew, Spanish, English translation. BBT Translation Services is an American Group of translators located in Florida, USA.  We provide translation for education of documents in over 30 languages such as Hebrew, Spanish, English and more. We can translate your degree professionally. When you order a translation from us you will get a mirror image of your document. We translate the logos, stamps, titles and any text in your document. Our translators are native speakers fluent in the language who provide professional translation of your documents such as translation of your diploma, transcript, degree, certification, certificate of completion, and our translations are accepted by colleges, universities, schools and any employment or government entity that requires a translation of your proof of education.

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Our final product consist of the translated document with a certificate of accuracy which states the completeness of the translation and the ability and knowledge of the translator. This declaration is printed on our letterhead and is signed by the translator and notarized by a Public Notary .

We follow the standards required to produce a certified translation and we guarantee their acceptance within the United States.

   Translation of diploma, translation of high school diploma, translation of degree
   Translation of transcripts, grades
   Translation for colleges, universities   


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Have English translation of your educational documents completed by professional translation service word-for-word as required by American universities, colleges and World Education Services (WES).

Take your first step by getting certified English translation of your educational documents to start your education and work in the United States today!

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Your diplomas, transcripts, degrees, and certificates are translated into English language from: Arabic Belarusian Bengali Bosnian Bulgarian Burmese Cambodian (Khmer) Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dari Dutch Estonian Farsi Finnish Flemish French German Greek Gujarati Haitian Creole Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Kannada Korean Latin Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay Malayalam Marathi Moldovian-Moldovan Mongolian Norwegian Oriya Polish Portuguese Punjabi Pushto-Pashto Romanian Russian Serbian Serbo-Croatian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Tagalog-Filipino Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu and Vietnamese