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Translation of Teudat Bagrut - תרגום תעודת בגרות

translation of matriculation certificate, teudat bagrut, תרגום תעודת בגרות translation of matriculation certificate, teudat bagrut, תרגום תעודת בגרות

Professional translation of your Teudat Bagrut (Matriculation Certificate) to apply for colleges, universities and any other higher education institute. Specializing in  Translation of transcripts, grades, Teudat Bagrut, Teuda Technologit, Technological Diploma - and Hebrew, English translation. Professional translation of your degree to apply for employment, higher education. Specializing in Hebrew, English translation. BBT Translation Services is an American translation agency located in Florida, USA. We provide translation for education of documents in over 30 languages such as Hebrew, Spanish, English and more. We can translate your degree professionally. When you order a translation from us you will get a mirror image of your document. We translate the logos, stamps, titles and any text in your document. Our translators are native speakers fluent in the language who provide professional translation of your documents such as translation of your diploma, transcript, degree, certification, certificate of completion, and our translations are accepted by colleges, universities, schools and any employment or government entity that requires a translation of your proof of education.

Translation for Immigration USCIS

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association and our translations bear the logo and the membership number of our registration with the ATA. Our translations of certificates are done word for word and abide by the standards of the USCIS and other governmental institutions. We guarantee that when your order from us - your translations will be accepted!

Translation for any other Purpose

If you are looking for a professional translation service that can translate your certificates and remove the headache from searching and guaranteeing that the translations are good - don't think twice - we are professionals in the translation business and we know exactly what is required for your translation to be accepted by universities, colleges, employment and anywhere where a certified translation of your academic record is required. Have English translation of your educational documents completed by professional translation service word-for-word as required by American universities, colleges and World Education Services (WES).

Are the Translations Certified?

Yes. All the translations are certified. The translation is inserted in our letterhead and it bears the stamp and signature of the agency. Notary signatures are available upon request. We follow the standards required to produce a certified translation and we guarantee their acceptance within the United States.

translation of matriculation certificate, teudat bagrut, תרגום תעודת בגרות class=

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Common Questions about Translations

We translate any type of certificate that you can imagine. For example we translate: diplomas, matriculation certificates (Bagrut), completion certificates, degrees, licenses, transcripts, grade sheets, certification of studies, basically - any certificate that you may have. All the translations are certified.

A certification - or "Affidavit of Accuracy" is a statement attached to the translation signed and stamped. This certification is required when ordering a certified translation. This is a statment that sometimes may be signed by a notary. Not all translations must be notarized.

To order you can scan, fax or take a nice picture with your smartphone of the document that you want to translate. E-mail it to us. Once we get it you will receive a quote. If you are happy with our quote, you will be requested to process payment. Once the translation is paid we will translate and send it to you via e-mail for review and confirmation. If there are corrections to be made we will correct and certify the translation of your certificate.

The translations are paid in advance through the PayPal payment system. You can pay with any credit or debit card or even use PayPal.

All the orders include a digital PDF file of your certified translation. If you need the hard copy we can mail it out to you. Please visit the rates page to see the mailing choices.

translation of matriculation certificate, teudat bagrut, תרגום תעודת בגרות
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